Wearing one of my favorite shirts today.

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Tom on Saturday Kitchen - June 7th 2014


algebra? nah son. im quadraliterally done with this shit




Jay is going to be in NYC on September 10th and it’s a Wednesday. HOW WILL I MAKE THIS WORK.

Oops forgot to mention this is a charity event that he is making a celebrity appearance at. If you do go they ask you to try and realize that it is also a charity event and that it is…

Tom also has been added to this event to DJ. There is a link on the twitter account for more information! Xx

So this is what just happened on my first day of senior year.

Nathan Sykes + 2014 selfies

WhereIsJayTW: “#WhereIsJay #FunAtAFancyHouse #Daredevil #WalkedBackAndForthSeveralTimes #ItMadeEveryoneVeryNervous #HeSurvived”

Max, Tom and Jay. aka 5 year old that excited by instruments


Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough